What inspires you?

Gift wrapping can be an art form. In fact, I know someone that can wrap a gift with such accuracy that I swear she is cheating. I witnessed it though, so I knew she wasn’t, and with the grace and elegance of Jacqueline Kennedy she folded and twisted the paper into an awe inspiring origami like structure. Ribbons, perfectly matched, fell from it and moved with it as if choreographed. The presentation was as much the gift as what the box itself held. The time and effort was palpable and brought with it sentiments that are etched across the heart.

Creative wrapping abounds as inspiration can be found across social media and magazines both online and in your mailbox. Here’s some of what inspires us:

Merry and Bright

We love the use of non-traditional colors in this wrapping. Who says you have to stick to red and green? Mix it up for festive gift wrapping that will please a special person on your list.

Photo courtesy of Traditional Home

Pink holiday gift wrapping

Carefully Crafted Pleats

Folding pleats in your gift wrap is a really easy way to dress up a package. It gives it the formal look of a tuxedo shirt and it’s quick and easy to do.

Photo courtesy of Traditional Home

Pleated gift wrapping

Bright Ornaments

Punctuating a beautiful bow with a few inexpensive ornaments is a great way to bring flair and class to your gift wrapping wihtout breaking the bank.

Photo courtesy of Traditional Home

Ornaments on gift wrap

Chalkboard Inspired

Keep your eye open for unique wrapping paper. Not found at the big-box stores, specialty papers are fun, beautifully designed and make presenting that perfect gift a memorable experience.

Photo courtesy of Hallmark

Chalkboard inspired vintage wrapping paper

Black & White Ribbon

This is a big trend this year. Bold black and white ribbon bring a chic punch to red and green wrapping paper. It’s is a timeless classic that you can use throughout the year!

Photo courtesy of Nine and Sixteen

Upcycled Newspaper

Who hasn’t wrapped a gift in newspaper in a pinch? The old tried and true method is back and all dressed up for the holidays. By adding a creative newspaper “bow” and some holiday ribbon, this newspaper-clad present is ready for it’s closeup!

Photo courtesy of Country Living

Present wrapped in newspaper

Creative Ribbon Cutting

This is both beautiful and kind of amazing, and might be considered “advanced” level wrapping, but wow, what a statement this ribbon cutting makes!

Photo courtesy of Traditional Home

Package with intricate ribbon cutting

With all the choices of gift wrap and ribbon it’s easy to get creative, put your personality into it, and make a memorable, merry and bright impression on the lucky recipient!