Remodeling can do that to you. With so many decisions to make and so many choices for each decision you may just want to pull your hair out!

Paint falls at the top of the list on the frustration Richter (the California earthquake preparedness is coming out in me here. Moving to an earthquake zone? I can give you pointers on that too!) scale. It can be finicky and will take on different personalities based on the surrounding environment. Have you ever painted a room and afterwards thought it doesn’t look anything like the chip?

Exposure, reflection, and artificial lighting will all effect the way a color looks in your home. You can see it here, with my dressing area (still under construction) taking on a darker tone than the bedroom.

Paint color Agreeable Grey in master bedroom

The color is Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams. It is a light gray color with greige and taupe undertones. The taupe undertones consist of a slight bit of purple. You won’t notice it and it’s what keeps this color from being flat. With a light reflecting value of 60 it will make your room appear brighter. It’s a warmer gray color which has more mass appeal and greater resale value. Definitely one of my favorites.

Here’s a peek at the many moods of Agreeable Gray:

Hallsley Model, 2014
Luxury Condominium
Crestbrook Residence

These are all great examples of how exposure, reflection, and artificial lighting can effect the the color.

Thankfully paint color is an easy fix. If you get it wrong its not too hard or costly to right it. Sometimes the most difficult part is where to begin. With so many color and brand choices it can be overwhelming. You can save yourself a lot time and aggravation by calling in an expert. The designers at The Cob Collection are well versed and experienced in paint color choices. We can help you with one room or coordinate an entire house.

What about that carpet?

Carpet decisions are much less daunting than paint but can still be frustrating with the overwhelming amount of choices. Cut pile, loop, color, and sustainability are all factors to consider. Additionally, what kind of feel do you want your space to have? Do you want it to appear more open or do you want a cozier feel?

Here’s the details on my choice:

I sourced the carpet through Masland Carpet and Rugs. They have an interesting legacy, established in 1866, but more importantly they are committed to the environment. Their philosophy is

“… to embrace four basic principles: the sustainable selection and efficient use of raw materials, the conservation of energy, the management of waste, and the recycling of materials.”

They use smart manufacturing, environmentally friendly components, and energy alternatives. You can read more about it here.

It has a very low cut and loop providing less trip hazards and smooth threshold transitions. The material is nylon but has the look of wool. Color is Kittiwake. This image is more true to color than the above image.

This particular carpet has The Green Label +Plus meaning that it participates in The Indoor Air Quality Carpet Testing Program. With fresh air ventilation, most carpet emissions are substantially reduced within 48-72 hours after installation. Breathe deep!

Are you gearing up for some Spring remodeling? Don’t go it alone, save your hair, call The Cob.

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