Thinking about shower doors? Then you need to read this!

With an overwhelming amount of choices out there choosing the best option can become confusing. There are two main types of doors: framed and frameless. Both offer the same functionality while frameless gives a more contemporary look. Framed doors have come a long way since the days of the metal trim (would you like that in silver or gold?). Glass choices have evolved as well giving you a more impressive array of selections. Although they are the more affordable option; one of the biggest downfalls of framed doors is their ability to trap mold, mildew, and soap scum within the frame.

Frameless shower doors are more visually appealing and they are easier to keep clean. They are constructed with a thicker glass and are supported with specific hardware. When looking at hinges, if you have a choice, opt for the ones that swing both ways. I chose frameless for each of the bathrooms in my house.

Master bath:

Here’s a look at the shower doors in my master bath. It’s hard to even see them but if you look closely you will notice the top of the door going across the length of the shower. Truth be told I didn’t want a shower door (I’m not a fan) but since this shower is so massive and with the high pitch of the ceiling and the center opening we had to have a door to keep in the heat and splashing water.  I installed a train rack to store and hang towels inside. It’s nice for steaming the wrinkles out of clothes too. The main shower head is a dish plate size rain shower head and a second hand held on the wall which is a must for cleaning the shower and washing animals.

A closer look my glass choice:

The glass I chose for my master bath is called antique glass. It was my absolute favorite! It still lets in a lot of light and just slightly blurs whats behind it.

I went with clear glass in the guest bathroom. It makes the room appear larger, it’s exposed to the skylight, and you can see the tile through it.

It’s worth noting here that clear glass is not always clear, especially when it gets thick. With more and more glass coming from overseas, I have noticed it getting worse. You may be surprised to know the reason for this is iron. When you don’t remove the iron you loose clarity and gain the green color. Make sure you check what kind of glass you are getting and where it is coming from. Look for made in the USA!

Cleaning tips:

Samson Glass, which is where I sourced my shower doors, gave me some pointers on keeping the doors clean:

  • Use Rain-X on the inside of the shower door. This will help with cleaning the glass by making the water bead off of it. Nice!

  • The best and safest method of cleaning is by washing it with clean water and drying with a soft cloth once a week. No need for harsh chemicals.

  • If soil is still present, after drying, they recommend Comet bathroom cleaner spray.

  • No detergents, cleansers or chemicals should be used on hardware.

  • Never use abrasive or acid-based cleanser of any kind as it can damage the aluminum.

  • No ammonia. No scouring pads or sharp instruments.

  • DO NOT use any “leave-on” misting spray cleaners, they may damage the door components.

This is so fascinating to me, that we have now come to a time, where cleansers and chemicals companies have been marketed to us so much that we think we need them to get something clean. Toss the cleaner! Go green!

One last tip…

All natural stone products need to be back-buttered so make sure your tile installer completes this step.  Travertine, marble, granite, slate, etc., have voids in the reverse side. By back-buttering these types of tiles the installer is filling in the voids giving additional strength to the weaker areas. It’s a good idea with glass tiles too, because they are see through and it helps hide any imperfections in the wall. It’s one of those corners that sometimes gets cut in the name of time, effort or extra material, but it definitely makes the difference in doing a beautiful quality job.

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