Winter is over, warm temperatures are starting to creep in, and soon we’ll be seeing colors emerging around us. It’s a great time to refresh, renew, and redecorate! Clean out the clutter, try some new bright fabrics, a fresh coat of paint, or some new decor items. Remember, you don’t have to break the budget to get a new look – small changes can have a big impact!

1.  Change up your throw pillows

New shapes, new sizes, bold colors, and prints will give your room a fresh appearance. Try bringing in interesting trims or have the pillow piped in a bold contrasting fabric.

2.  Rearrange your furniture

Move things around to create a new focal point and visual interest. Try switching out a chair from your living room with one in your family room. Or, switch out artwork, mirrors, and small decor items.

3.  Freshen up your paint

Make a big impact without a huge investment. Try a lighter, fresher color or bring in the sun with a shade of yellow.

4.  A few new accessories

The red accessories against the light colored walls and floor give this room a cheery, bright pop of color.

5.  Re-dress your window

Change out your window treatments with a warm weather inspired color like this sun drenched orange. Or, turn up the drama and opt for a bright pink color like the one seen here.

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Going Green with The Cob Collection

Go green while you clean!

This is the time of year that a lot of us like to dig in and do some serious cleaning. Instead of reaching for the harsh chemicals try this green cleaning tip instead:

Put on rubber gloves and rub the surface of your upholstery and pillows, this will create static and pull out the dust, then follow with your hepa vac; for leather furniture mix 1/2 c olive oil + 1/4 c black tea + 1/4 c white vinegar shake and wipe down leather with a microfiber towel.