What’s the point of High Point?

High Point Market, located in High Point, North Carolina, has roughly 2000 vendors located in 180 buildings. It is the largest trade show in the home furnishings industry and it really is a site to behold. From an interior designer/decorator point of view the inspiration is intoxicating. Traditional, transitional, modern, rustic…nothing is left out. Trends and new technology only scratch the service of what High Point has to offer. It is a continuing education of sorts that spans across styles through furniture, accessories, art, fabrics, and wallpapers.

high point market
high point market
high point market
high point market

From a shop owners point of view the chance to see and feel merchandise we consider for the store is a must. We seek out unique, timeless products that range from affordable to luxury for both home decor and gift items. Our goal is to provide you with a shopping experience that eliminates the need to surf the web for hours in search of your ‘wow’ factor. We’ve surfed the markets and found it for you!

2 points of view from High Point

Mary Ann and I both agree that color and tropical prints were definitely prominent throughout the market. So, we put our coconuts together here to give you a recap of what we thought, as we each see it.

Mary Ann’s

“High Point Spring market is always so refreshing to see whats new. The best part is the surprise of it all!

I have been to High Point Market many times for Spring and Fall markets but it’s been several years since I have attended. A lot has changed, and all for the good. Years ago when I went with Cynthia Cobb there were not even enough hotels. Local residents rented out their homes for market people to stay in. That may still happen some but now there are plenty of hotels and some great restaurants. High Point University has also grown so much and is a beautiful school.

Entering the IHFC main build is always exciting to see whats new in the main hall. Myself being fairly traditional in style I love to step outside of the box and be inspired by transitional and modern design. Old showrooms and new seem to start blending a theme. Color seems to be back and bold.  Blue in all shades seems to be consistent  with bright bold accent colors like hot pink, and lime green.

If you love a more neutral palate, not to worry. Gray in all shades is still very popular along with several shades of oatmeal and splashes of color. My favorite was a soft gray with a blush pink accent. So soft and pretty!!

We walked and walked and ate lot’s of candy that the showrooms feed you to keep you going. The weather did not cooperate, it rained hard for three solid days but that didn’t stop us.

All in all the education you get by seeing so much product in one week is priceless. We are now totally up to date on all the latest styles and color trends that are popular today and very excited to design rooms for all of our clients.”


“One of the reasons to go to market is to see the new trends, but it is also to see what is fresh and what is holding steady. I felt traditional creeping back in with a cleaner look. A perfect example is this chest from Theodore Alexander. 

Updated via abstraction to its basic elements, the lively floral pattern is subtly toned down to a laid back level when presented in a soft silver gray. This is a seriously gorgeous piece.

Lucite was big!

I love the way the legs are cut on this piece and the heavy blue velvet juxtaposed against the modern material of the frame.

Motion is big in furniture and stone and marble made an appearance as well. Here are two of my favorites.

Furs newest edition was the use of shearling and Persian lamb on furniture.

Performance fabrics so you can live on your furniture without plastic covers and worry.

Dark navy was present and paired with orange reminiscent of the 1970’s but with a traditional twist. It. Was. Jaw. Dropping.

This is only a small sampling of what we saw and what we have to offer you from The Cob Collection. If you are looking for something special give us a call. If we don’t have it, we can get it! Not sure what you’re looking for? Call us, we can help you find your ‘wow’ factor!

Have questions? Just ask! We’d love to hear from you!

Let’s create great design.

Eco Friendly Products

Beauty without sacrifice…

At The Cob Collection, we do our best to partner up with vendors who practice eco friendly design principles. We remain aware of environmentally safe products as well as manufacturing processes. As awareness moves to the forefront selections become greater.

Be kind to Mother Earth.