Below the Surface

Granite has gained popularity over the past 15 years and trumps nearly every other choice for both kitchen and bath countertops. But what exactly is granite and why is it the top choice for countertops?

Granite is formed within the earths crust by magma that has risen and slowly cools creating hard crystals. It’s wild variation in colors can be attributed to its mineral content. There is some debate on the length of time it takes granite to form and it ranges from thousands to millions of years. Amazing, right? Something to think about the next time you gather round the kitchen.

With its many design options, durability, and various tiers of affordability there’s no wonder why granite is the surface of choice for countertops.

How to Choose

Choosing granite is never an effortless task. Pricing can very greatly depending on the type of granite you choose and there are many options out there. It is easy too to get hypnotized by the colors and patterns of each different piece and it can be difficult to visualize what all that color and movement may look like in your home. You need to consider things such as lighting (both natural and artificial), the size of your space, your lifestyle, your taste, budget, and current decor. Ultimately, it should enhance and not dominate the space.  A more exotic granite can pose even greater design challenges but executed correctly can become a stunning focal point and add resale value to your home.

Breche de Vendome ~ France

Labradorite Mosaic

Venice Cream

I mean, seriously! Are these great or what?? To think that mother nature herself created them!

Always take a sample home to see what it will look like in your lighting but never make your choice based solely off of a sample. With all the variances and subtle nuances of granite the slab will look much different than the small sample. Take a cabinet door, any tiles and paint chips with you to the vendor and see how it will look with the slab you will be purchasing.

A Few Examples


Once you have your granite chosen you will need to decide which type of edge you would like.

The diagram here shows you several edge options. This is not a complete list, there are literally dozens of combinations. It can become as overwhelming as picking the color of granite!

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Clean Green

Keep that rock star shine…

There are several recommended granite cleaners out there that are environmentally friendly and will give you great results. Here are a few that we like:

Green Works

Seventh Generation

Be Kind to Mother Earth.