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Navy was one of the hot colors at market this year seen in everything from furniture, to fabrics, to wallpaper. The truth is, navy really never left the design scene. It’s timeless and has chameleon like qualities that can serve as an anchor in a room or steal the show. Often associated with a patriotic or nautical design especially when paired with red and white but mixed with the right accessories takes on an elegant, preppy, or classic feel.

Reds ranging from pink red to deeper red pop off the varying shades of navy in the vase behind it. The white base adds a clean look.

coral sculpture against navy vase

Pair it with orange for a high energy feel.

orange drinks against navy background

Add some aqua

navy and aqua pillow
navy and aqua room

Or shades of green

navy and green room
navy with green accents room

A touch of coral


Bright pink!

navy and bright pink room
navy and bright pink room

Would you ever?

A little daring but that’s what makes these fun!

Check out the stars on the ceiling here! A red, white, and blue room that does not look patriotic even with the stars on the ceiling.

navy room with stars

Navy, white, and a touch of light pink.

navy living room


navy walls with white chandelier

Feeling navy?

We love the look of navy in a room and it’s timeless style will assure you long lasting classic design. It’s easy to accessorize around and can take on different looks just by changing out a few pieces. Planning on painting a room navy? Take into account the lighting, both natural and artificial, when choosing your color.

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Let’s create great design.

Celebrate Memorial Day!

Mary Ann is known for being able to throw some pulled together parties and if you’re reading this and have been to one you will know what I mean. The table settings are always beyond beautiful with dinnerware cleverly combined from antique to modern. I can’t even begin to describe the decorations. It’s truly a labor of love. And the food. The food is to die for, every. time. I twisted her arm and got her to share a favorite recipe for patriotic parties. So we’re swapping out our green cleaning tip this week and passing along a dish sure to please everyone at your picnic!

Jell-O Easy Patriotic Flag Dessert