Reflective Art

Mirrors don’t just look pretty, they are hardworking pieces in interior design. They bring depth to a room, make a space look bigger, brighten, add dimension, and when placed correctly can emphasize views of art or adjacent walls. In some instances, the mirrors themselves become center stage and take on the role of both reflecting and artwork.

This large, simply stated mirror is the star of the room here. Notice how it is reflecting the lights, accessories, and window treatments.

Group them together for interesting effects. We love how the ornate gold mirror is sandwiched between the plain, clean lines of the of the other two.

Designer Kevin Isbell used a 19th-century sorcerer’s mirror to camouflage a doorway and create the illusion of a solid wall.

group of mirrors on landing

This clever grouping pulls the gold from the chandelier, creates the illusion of a bigger space, and acts as the artwork. Notice how the mirrors all have clean lines, with the exception of one ornate piece?

mirror suspended from ceiling

We love how this mirror is suspended from the ceiling.

Round and flat.

round mirrors grouped in four

Round and Convex.

convex mirrors

A few of Mary Ann’s favorites:

decorative mirror
starburst decorative mirror
geometric decorative mirror

Handmade vanity mirrors by Mary Ann:

handmade vanity mirrors
handmade vanity mirrors
handmade vanity mirror

This beauty is hanging in Mary Ann’s home. Look closely(!)…

Mix, Match, Get Serious!

When it comes to interior design and home decor mirrors are one of the pieces you can buy with minimal investment that will give you huge payoffs. Consider mixing and matching throughout your home and add groupings for dynamic visual interest. Keep in mind scale matters. You don’t want to put a small mirror on a large wall. Not sure how to go about it? Stop by the store and we’ll help you figure it out! Don’t forget to bring a picture of your room or the area in your home where you are interested in adding mirrors. Already have some on hand you want to use in a grouping? Bring the mirror in or a picture of it as well.

Need help? Just Ask! We’d love to hear from you!

Let’s create great design.

Streak Free and Worry Free

Ditch the dyes, synthetic surfactants, and ammonia…

There are several environmentally friendly window and mirror cleaners out there that do a fantastic job of keeping your glass clean and streak free. Here are a few of our favorites:

Attitude Window and Mirror Cleaner

Begleys All Natural Glass Cleaner

Better Life I Can See Clearly Wow

Be kind to Mother Earth.