I love this room. The dark teal sofa, navy wall, dark wood floors, neutral chair…and the artwork. The colors here are beautiful and I can’t imagine anyone tiring of them. The downfall of this room will be the damage caused by the sun. Notice the path that the sunlight is taking from a source to the right? It hits the couch, rug, and back of the chair. Performance fabrics will help to add years to the life of the couch and chair but over time, these will all fade. As will the floor, artwork, and other furnishings.

I can almost hear the pulling of blinds, shades, and window treatments as this post is being read. Don’t worry, you don’t have to live in the dark! There is an easy, affordable solution.

Window Film

Are you thinking, “No way,” as visions of this dance through your head:

tinted windows on car

While this may have been the norm years ago today’s clear films are nearly undetected (inside and out), and will not obscure your view. They will block glare, uv rays, and solar heat while allowing natural light through.

The window on the right here has been treated with a window film:

Here’s another install in progress. You can see how the film is helping with the harsh glare.

Beautiful example of windows treated with film:

Click here to try out the interactive demo at Hüper Optik. It’s a great tool to show you what different films would look like.

huper optik window

Another Option – Low-E Windows

A low-e glass window (low emissivity) is a windowpane coated in microscopic layers of metallic oxides. The coating is invisible to the naked-eye and allows as much natural light into the house as possible. It also helps to protect your home from the UV rays that will fade furniture and fabrics blocking about 85%. This will help to slow the process but in order to assure better results you need 99.9% blockage of uv rays. The only way to achieve that is with window film.

Protect Your Investment

Don’t allow the sun to get the best of your indoor space!

sun damage to floor
sun damage to end table
sun damage to floor

We can help you sort out the options. Call us and set up an appointment for a site analysis.

site analysis

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Let’s create great design.

Save Energy and Money

15 – 30 percent savings!

Over time, with energy-efficient window films installed, you can expect to see a payoff from your reduced energy bills in 2-5 years. This varies based on the exposure to sun, the type of film you purchase, and the cost of your home’s heating/cooling fuel, etc.

Be Kind to Mother Earth