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Have you ever walked into a bath supply store or big box store looking for a toilet and think to yourself “seriously it’s a toilet, what’s with all the different choices? Sure styles are unique to each but why does one style do something that another style doesn’t? Do I need my toilet to do that?” Although it’s not the most glamorous of topics the information is worth having. For that reason, we’re deconstructing your bathroom remodel on the blog today and focusing in on this one detail – your toilet.

Types of Toilets

Most toilets fall into two different categories: gravity feed and pressure assisted. Gravity feed dominates the market but pressure assisted is worth a look.

Gravity Feed

  • Flush valve relies on gravity

  • Water drops from the tank into the bowl

  • Flush quieter than pressure assisted toilets

image from Consumer Reports

Pressure Assisted

  • Compressed air forces water down

  • Less clogs, good choice for large families

  • Noisy flush

image from Consumer Reports

There are also different types of flushing systems. Dual flush, tankless, AquaPiston, touchless, and upflush. We recommend learning more about each before making your decision.


Bowl Shape


Two-Piece Toilets

two piece toilet

One-Piece Toilets

two piece toilet

Intelligent Toilets

intelligent toilet

images from

Wall Hung Toilets

wall hung toilet


Toilets do come in a variety of colors but it is best to stick with the basics: white, bone or linen, and black.

beige toilet
linen toilet
black toilet

Traveling Abroad

You may encounter one of these toilets:

Squat toilets are common in Japan, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, North Korea, South Korea, Singapore, Myanmar, Iran, Taiwan, and some parts of France and Greece. They are found mostly in public facilities and are thought to be more hygienic. In some instances it is a BYOTP environment.

Points to Consider

There are many constraints when doing a bathroom renovation, i.e., the size of the room, door swing, the size of your pipes, water pressure, how long your horizontal pipe runs are to move the larger loads on down the line, rough-in measure, floor or wall water line, wall clearance, and building codes by state. Pay close attention to drawings like the one below when considering changing your toilet in an existing room.

toilet drawings

In a perfect world, my choice would be:

  •   1 piece
  •    skirted
  •    comfort height
  •    elongated bowl
  •    sanagloss
  •    dual flush with large buttons
  •    quiet
  •    never clog
  •    easy to repair

Have questions? Just ask! We’d love to hear from you!

Let’s create great design.

Conserve Water

Without sacrificing comfort

Replacing your toilet with a water-saving toilet is the most effective change you can make in your home to conserve water. Depending on the model you are replacing and the model you are replacing it with you can reduce your water usage by 20-70%. How efficient are you? Check out this tool by Home Depot to estimate the gallons per flush of your current toilets.

Be Kind to Mother Earth

Remember, it matters to someone.