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Monochromatic – Bohemian – Tribal

Like every year at High Point market, we see a lot of different design styles but there is always something that stands out. This year it was a trifecta of monochromatic, bohemian, and tribal with pieces that blend modern and vintage for a look that is timeless and elegant. Spaces are becoming less formal with casual lived in feels that are refined across all styles: modern, traditional, transitional, and rustic. Rooms come alive with character, mixing styles and unique pieces to create a one-of-a-kind space.

Furniture That Moves

Universal Furniture unveiled its motion line of furniture with recliners that feature 100% full-grain Moore & Giles leather available in push back or power reclining methods. They looked beautiful and were very comfortable!

universal furniture motion chair

Klaussner has a line of motion furniture that comes with power recline, headrest, lumbar and memory settings plus Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth?? That’s right! You can control it from your phone.

klaussner bluetooth controlled couch

Studies have shown that sitting behind a desk all day is bad for your health and furniture manufacturers are paying attention. Sit-stand desks are becoming increasingly popular and with that designs that are more sleek and user friendly. We loved this piece by Hooker, with a push of a button in silently raises to your standing height. It will be available for purchase in 3-6 months.

bdi sit stand desk


We’re very excited to see that eco-friendly design practices and products are continuing to make progress. There is a clearly defined push towards this…it’s everywhere…and for good reason. From what goes into your furniture (fillings), to what goes on your furniture (fabrics), to how it is made (green manufacturing).

Performance Fabrics

If you follow our blog you’ll know we have a love affair with performance fabrics. These user friendly coverings allow you to enjoy your furniture without the worry. The choices have broadened and include suede’s, leathers, linens and velvet’s in complex woven patterns as well as solids. Easy to clean, long-lasting and environmentally friendly…you won’t regret it.

red performance fabric
red performance fabric
red performance fabric
red performance fabric


Color was everywhere in just about every hue imaginable but blush pink was prominent and it was lovely. Found on furniture, artwork, lamps, lamp shades, fabrics, and wallpaper. It has a fresh vibe to it and although trending now we see it as something that will stand the test of time.

blush pink credenza
poodle lamp

Furniture That’s Connected

We saw quite a bit of furniture with charging stations built into them and thought this truly reflected the sign of our times. Watch for this to become the norm as design continues to move forward and merge form with function.

poppin lounge chair

And So Much More

High Point market never disappoints! It is a truly inspiring place where creativity abounds and is contagious. It continues to grow with showroom building construction and acquisitions at their highest levels since 1990. The excitement is palpable.

We’ve only scratched the surface here with what we saw and experienced. There’s so much more! If you’re not following us on Facebook and Instagram be sure to head over and check it out. We’ll be posting more market updates, trends, and design tips in the next coming weeks.

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Green Manufacturing

reduce pollution and waste…
look for products produced with eco-friendly practices

From cerasis.com, Green is the New Black

…the sustainable trend is becoming essential to all parts of manufacturing and supply chains, ranging from smart factories to¬†green delivery trucks. Meanwhile, the demand for more products has exponentially increased the demand on vendors and suppliers, so companies must evolve and embrace Green manufacturing initiatives now and throughout the coming years. But, understanding the driving forces and added benefits of this trend are also essential to making green methodologies useful to modern manufacturers.

Be kind to Mother Earth.

Remember, it matters to someone.

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