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One of our favorite vendors, Thibaut, recently gave out some tips on how to use ottomans in your design. It’s great information and we liked it so much we decided to break it down and share it with you here.

It Feels Right At Home

Dressed up or down, an ottoman is perfect for extra seating, cast as an impromptu coffee table, or perhaps best of all, a stylish companion to our favorite chair where we kick off our heels and relax. Versatile and functional – ottomans have infinite possibilities at home – and they’re always there when we need them.

For Tuck Away Seating

Need to have more seating but don’t have the space? Keep a pair of ottomans under a console so they’re ready when the need arises. Pull them up to the sofa or tuck them away in a tight hallway.


At The Foot Of The Bed

An ottoman at the foot of a bed is destined to catch your shopping bags or duvet cover. It can even take the place of a footboard. Typically, a “bedroom bench” should be 6 to 8 inches narrower than the bed it caps.


As A Coffee Table

Looking for an alternative to a hard-surfaced coffee table? An upholstered ottoman is the perfect answer. Not only will it add style and personality, but our coffee table ottomans are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, giving you plenty of options to find the one that is just right for your living space.


The Perfect Pair For A Chair

A few of our sweet ottomans cuddle up perfectly with a variety of our chairs. They know all the right angles and just how to play them in order to get close. Add casters to make them easy to move and roll to where they serve you best. Feel free to sit back, prop your feet up, and settle in with a good book.


For Bench Seating

No offense to chairs, but bench seating adds an invariable touch of character. Take a basic dining table and add benches on two sides, and all of a sudden you have plenty of extra room for people in the dining room. Adding ottomans provides generous seating so that everyone is comfortable.


What Our Clients Like

Ottomans have never gone out of style and with the variety of shapes and sizes available now we see them becoming more and more popular in design. Getting creative with your fabric choices can bring that wow factor and show off your personality.


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repurposed chairs to ottomans

Don’t toss your old furniture, turn it into something spectacular! The ottomans pictured here were made from old chairs! Need ideas? Pinterest is full of them and you can check out this post from the DIY network for 22 clever ways to repurpose your furniture.

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