Putting Away The Holidays

Getting out all those holiday decorations and putting them up is a lot of work but it’s usually met with excitement and enthusiasm as we watch our homes come alive with the season. Putting it away…not so much. Before your Fa La La La La turns into a Fa La La La Low think about how you can use this opportunity to organize and clear out what you don’t use or want anymore. You’ll be glad you did it and it can take away the doldrums of the post holiday. Ready to get started? Take a look at our tips and then set aside a day to get it done!

Organize your ornaments

If you don’t use something like this you’ll definitely want to check them out. They’re affordable, adjustable to different sized ornaments, and simple to store. Easily identify contents by using the label on the front.

Take this time to look your ornaments over. Are you tired of them, thinking of changing colors? Ready to get rid of them? Consider donating them to a local charity and use this opportunity to hit the sales and refresh your Christmas decor.

ornament storage
ornament storage

Storing your lights

Storing your lights on reels is nothing new but we do love this product because it comes with a carrying case. Affordable and also easy to store. Separate by indoor, outdoor, tree, etc. and add your own tags to identify each.

Check your lights over before putting them away. Replace any broken bulbs or burnt out lights now so you’re ready to go next year when you do it all again!

christmas lights storage
christmas lights storage

Christmas tree storage

This storage bag comes with wheels and can hold up to a 9 ft. artificial tree.  Affordable, easy to store, and easy to move around. Its made from heavy duty materials making it wear and tear resistant with overall dimensions of 58″x 24″ x 34″ making it space friendly.

christmas tree storage
christmas tree storage

Wreath bags

We LOVE this wreath bag. It holds up to a 30″ wreath, is affordable, easy to store, and won’t squish your bows (*tip: put toilet paper rolls in the loops of your bows to help keep their shape). Its tear proof, flexible, and has a 4.5 star rating.

Before storing your wreath, check it over to see if any of the decorations on it need to be replaced. Are they faded or chipped? Get rid of them now and replace them while the after Christmas sales are on.

wreath storage
wreath storage

Pulling it all together

If you have the space in your storage area for shelving like you see here…do it! Once you have your decorations organized and stored you can stack them all together and in one place. What we love about this particular set of shelves: its on wheels, the shelves are adjustable, and it can hold most (probably not your tree!) if not all of your decorations. This set is from Sams Club, $89.98, and has a 4.8 star rating.

Think about storing your wrapping paper and bows in additional bins (there are tons of options in stores and online) and placing them on the shelves with your decorations. When next year rolls around it will be easy to see what supplies you have and you’ll avoid over buying.

wreath storage


Are visions of post holiday organization dancing through your head as you read this post? We hope so! It’s not so hard to do and we all know how great it feels when you have your act together!

Don’t have the time for it? Don’t sweat it…call us and take advantage of our takedown services. We’ll organize it and it get it done for you.

Need help? Just ask! We’d love to hear from you!

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Recycle Your Tree

don’t send it to the curb

Many communities have programs in place allowing you to drop your tree off where they are turned into mulch which is used in public parks and institutions or in some cases given out to those who need it. Live near a lake? See if your community participates in diversifying the habitat by dropping the trees to the bottom of the lake creating artificial environments for the fish.

Be Kind to Mother Earth

Remember, it matters to someone.