Cast Iron Tubs and Lead Exposure Risks

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Living in an old house? One with a cast iron tub? Have children? Recently, I acquired an old cast iron tub. I didn’t want it to soak in.  I wanted it for an outdoor planter. It was rusty and dirty. As I started researching how to clean it up and preserve it, I found [...]

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Choose The Best Area Rug

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Area rugs can add much more to the design of a room than anticipated. Imagine the room in the picture above without the rug. Or, with a different rug. The design would take on a completely different personality. That's the beauty of area rugs. With a wide selection of designs to choose from you [...]

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Make it Last There are several types of grout on the market and choosing the correct one will not only complete the installation correctly but will cut down on maintenance as well. If installed and sealed properly, it will last for the life of your tile. [...]

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Below the Surface Granite has gained popularity over the past 15 years and trumps nearly every other choice for both kitchen and bath countertops. But what exactly is granite and why is it the top choice for countertops? Granite is formed within the earths crust by magma that has risen and slowly cools creating hard [...]

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